About Us

We display model layouts at exhibitions around the north of England, also venturing into Scotland.

Our collective skills including model and layout building, electronics, joinery, metal work, artwork for back scenes etc. the installation of DCC components, photography and the history of local and national railways.

We have numerous exhibition layouts available in N, H0, 00 and 0 gauges

The October 2023 Club Exhibition at Locomotion was our 37th. annual show.

We are very nearly at a point of holding an open day to allow locals and interested parties to see how this forgotten and ruined building has been given new life and will be the centre for SMRC to enjoy and take care of for years to come. We know there is always work to do, but we also know that this gives Shildon Model Railway Club a home.

On a personal note, I would like to thank those individuals that have put in hundreds of hours of their time to get us where we need to be, in particular Robert Arrand who by his own admission has seen more of the club house in the past 2 years than he has of his own family.

There are so many members that unfortunately due to commitments or health issues have been unable to come to see their club house grow, and I just wanted to thank them also for keeping the faith in what we are doing, to ensure that this longstanding club continues for many years to come.

Rob Sowerby